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Some thoughts I've had while on space YouTube.

by Abel  Cayas


The Kardashev scale is a system to measure a civilization's energy use.

Depending on who you talk to we are between a .7 to .8 on the Kardashev

scale.  And we are about 100-300 years away from achieving a type 1 civilization. A type 1 civilization is “able to access all the energy available on its planet and store it for consumption.” I wonder what steps we need to take and what type of technology is needed to achieve at least a rank 1 on the Kardashev scale? Right now the energy we are using comes from things such as plants, fossil fuels, solar, wind and nuclear. The ranking for a type one is using                             a planet's full resources at close to 100 percent efficiency. That means energy                        sources such as fossil fuels must be a thing of the past. It’s said that some of the major energy sources that we need to be close to 100 percent efficiency comes from solar, wind, water and even nuclear power. While we already do these things, a type 1 civilization would do the same thing but at a larger scale. This would mean using the earth’s natural disasters for energy. A tsunami has more destructive power and potential energy than just normal waves. A hurricane can produce stronger winds  than just normal spring winds. These natural disasters coupled with the right technology could  produce large amounts of energy. In addition to utilizing its natural disasters a type 1 civilization would trigger “natural disasters” for energy use.                               Machines            that generate power and machines that create  natural                                                                          disasters coupled together would be beneficial in sustaining                                                     continual  energy to power a high consuming civilization.                                                              With the energy that these machines produce we could power                                                      all of the world's  nations for free and replace the harmful use of fossil  fuels.  These energy sources could be completely renewable. With the ability to control natural disasters or “control the weather” we could   then terraform different parts of the earth for our benefit. We could terraform earth for energy use and to make harsh environments more habitable.  We could  also take these machines to different

bodies in the solar system, which would lead to more energy. There are already

goals of terraforming different parts of our solar system such as mars for future places to sustain life. Europa, one of Jupiter’s moons, shows a large body of water that has the potential of sustaining life. While we terraform more places in our solar system we create more potential to create energy to power future societies and future technologies. Terraforming our solar system would create more space for life to exist. More places for societies to thrive. In theory with more people the possibility to continue to create and invent will be more abundant. 

Untitled_Artwork 35.png
Untitled_Artwork 35.png
Untitled_Artwork 35.png
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BIg shed went to Denver during the NBA finals to get local perspectives on the Nuggets. This is what they said:


“Basketball fans are yuppies” 


As a result we did a redesign of the Nuggets logo 'cause Denver needs to rebrand their attitude and don’t deserve the Nuggets.

nuggets logo-01.png

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